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Entrevista con Magnus Jørgensen.

Este es el primer post en la sección de entrevistas a fotógrafos en donde les presento uno de mis contactos de flickr que encuentro extremadamente interesante, uno que todos deberían conocer. Como van a estar organizado estos posts? Primero, hay una introducción  al fotografo y después el articulo se divide en dos partes. En la primera, hay preguntas sobre el tema principal que es obviamente la fotografía. En la segunda, van ahaber "preguntas de personalidad" para conocer a la persona detras de la camara. Luego, como todo, termina :( Asi que la idea es traerle toda esta gente genial a esta parte del blog y espero que les guste y encuentren estas entrevistas entretenidas!
(ah y otra cosa: estarán en inglés al menos que sean personas de habla española porque odio las traducciones)

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The first photographer in this section is Magnus Jørgensen. How old is he? 16  (yes) He was born in Canada but he’s actually living in Somerset, England.

Merra: As an introduction to this section, I would like to know if your love for photography was encouraged by any friend or member of your family, or if like in my case, it just happened in the beginning of your teenagehood?

Magnus: My parents were very adventurous, so during my childhood I traveled to almost every continent, and my mother’s love for taking photos of these new places is what I think first sparked my interest in photography.
Wow, it seems like you’ve had the perfect childhood (and the perfect parents)! Which was your first camera? Which cameras have you had over the years?
I got my first dslr, a Canon Rebel xs, for my 12th birthday, and I inherited my mom’s film camera, a Pentax ME Super, about 1 year ago. 

Through your Flickr I can see that you take more analogue photos than digital. However, the first photos in your gallery are digital with a little editing. At one point you started editing a little bit more: double exposures and some “surreal” photos. Then, analogue photography appears. It seems like you’ve experimented and finally you chose film. Why?
I love to experiment with different photographic techniques, and when I first got Flickr, I was in awe of photographers like Kyle Thompson and Alex Stoddard, so I thought maybe I should try surreality. But as weeks and months went by, I began to drift away from stuff like that, and instead I just took photos of my life. Recently I’ve focused almost entirely on film because, like many others, I love the whole experience, and how much more you have to work to get a good photo.

Looking at your photos I must say that I really really like a series in black and white film. The place where they were taken is absolutely beautiful. Another series I like is the one with girls and a mirror. The use of the mirror is great! Most of the pictures you take are located in a forest or green places, is this where you live or do you have to travel to get to those places?

Thanks! I live in a small town so nature is all around me, but it is a good walk to get to a forest. The black and white film photos were actually taken on my trip to Canada this past summer at my friend Jacob’s cottage.
Well, to end this part of the interview I want you to tell me what do you like the most about photography and why?

It is difficult to choose my favourite thing about photography, because I guess that the entire experience of creating photos that you love is so rewarding. I do prefer analog photography to digital; film photography is just so timeless and special to me


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  1. Que buena onda que vayas a entrevistar fotografos, espero que lo sigas haciendo :)
    Me gustaron mucho las fotos del Señorito, super divertida su niñez.

    Mucha paz.