miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

“Do you like Rock and Roll music? 'Cause I don't knooooow if I do”

Arcade Fire. Yes, I want to talk about Arcade Fire because in less than a week I’m going to see them live and I'm about to die. It is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. I never thought I’d see them because I live in Argentina and they’d never come before.  It seemed like it would never happen. But now they’re coming.  In less than a week.  And I’m so excited i want to scream, jump and aahhhhh!!!!!ok

But let's talk about the band. The first thing that caught my attention before
imageI started  listening to them was a photo. It was in a magazine and it talked about a band called Arcade Fire. In the photo there were not  4 or 5 people like usually there are in a band but SEVEN. I said "wow. What is this? if 4 people can make incredible music, this should be 1235462 times more incredible”. And it was. I downloaded their first album and it turned out to be one of the best things i had ever heard in my life. I’d just found one of my favorite bands.

Arcade Fire has got like 2193120321 members. I will name only the top three: Régine Chassagne and Win Butler (who are husband and wife), and Win’s brother: Will. There are many many more incredible people in the band who play various instruments and in their concerts they tend to switch their roles. According to wikipedia those instruments are : guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, xylophone, glockenspiel, keyboard, synthesizer, French horn, accordion, harp, mandolin, and hurdy-gurdy.
They  are from Canada. A lovely fact about them is that they often sing in french as they’re from Quebec. Usually these french parts of the songs are sang by Regine.
And how many albums do they have? Four.


Their first album is Funeral and it’s incredible. They named it like that because during the recording, many family members of people from the band died. If I had to choose one song from the album,  I'd choose Crown of love but I would be leaving the rest which are also perfect.

Neon Bible is the next album of the list which is my favorite along with the third one. It was recorded in a church (!!) and in this album is included what (I think ) is my favorite song from Arcade Fire: My Body is a Cage (unfortunately there are like 0,01 chances they play it live). Not many tend to like this album very much: people usually have it as the last one on the list. Honestly, I dont know what’s wrong with them. It is amazing.

Their third record is The Suburbs which is the most “commercial” one. All the same it’s really really REALLY beautiful and perfect. My favorite song on this album might be Wasted hours, We used to wait or  Sprawl l + Sprawl II. Very hard to choose.

In my opinion, after The Suburbs we need to do a full stop with the discography and start with a new paragraph, metaphorically speaking. Their latest album is Reflektor and though they maintain their characteristic sound, there’s also a change on it. It’s not as good as the others but it is amazing anyways. Arcade Fire can't produce a bad song. I assure you. Favorite song from this album: probably I’ts never over (oh Orpheus). Also Joan of Arc.

Now, what you have to do is just click on the playlist below. And that's an order 

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  1. Me re gusta Arcade Fire y te envidio mucho por ir al Lolla! Te sigo :)
    xx, Paula

  2. heyyy, te comento acá para responderte. Para vender libros te conviene ir a plaza italia, donde están los puestitos que serán 20 como mucho e ir preguntando por todos si te los compran, no te dan muuucho, pero si te queres sacar libros que sabes que nunca vas a leer está bueno. En parque centenario están re malos jajaja, tienen el cartel de "compro" al pedo, porque ni siquiera terminas de preguntar y te dicen NO, y después, emm, parque rivadavia nunca fui a vender nada, si voy te digo que onda!
    Espero que te sirva!